Saturday Seasons

Day 46:  Good Friday, Easter Sunday,  what happened to Saturday?

Today is Good Friday. This is the day that churches across the world will celebrate or memorialize the crucifixion of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Altars will be draped in black; reenactments of the cross will occur; the seven last words will be preached.  We will go through our various rituals to let God know that we remember and that we are thankful.   After it is said and done, we will prepare for Easter Sunday.  Perhaps you still need to buy that Easter outfit. Perhaps eggs still need to be dyed. Perhaps the dinner menu needs to be completed.  It is awesome to know the end of the story and to prepare accordingly, but what about Saturday?

Many of us rush from Friday to Sunday and we forget Saturday—the day of unknowingness. Maybe if we embraced Saturday, we would be better prepared for the unknowingness of our lives.

It is a blessing to be on this side of 2000 + years because, as stated, we do know the end of story.  Imagine for a moment if you didn’t.  Imagine that is some 2000 years ago and it is Saturday morning.  If you were Mary, the mother of Jesus, what would be going through your mind? As a mother who just lost their baby boy, could her pain be measured?  If you were one of the disciples, how much confusion, hurt, and despair would you be feeling at this moment?  Remember he said that he was the Son of God but he’s dead.  He said that he would return but he’s gone.  There is nothing but silence in the land.  Imagine the hopelessness.  Imagine the despair.  Imagine the feeling of abandonment.  Imagine the blank faces, the shock, and the look of confusion on all those who followed Jesus.  Perhaps they whispered. Perhaps they wondered “how could this be?”  It’s Saturday. 

If truth be told, many of us are in a Saturday moment of our lives.  We have followed Jesus.  We have listened to the teachings.  We have witnessed the miracles.  But then something happened. The presence of Jesus was or is gone.  Where did Jesus the Christ go?  Maybe you can no longer hear his voice. Maybe you struggle to feel his love.  Maybe you have lost all sense of purpose. Maybe , just maybe, you had a clear understanding of your mission and vision—yesterday—but something happened today.   Something within you left.  Where is your Christ for he said that he would never leave you nor forsake you, yet you feel and see nothing…like Mary , like the disciples.

There is much debate as to what Jesus did on Saturday. Did he descend to hell or not?  Regardless of what Jesus did, there were still those on the other side waiting—like you and me.  But guess what? It’s okay.  The good news is that like Friday, Saturday will come, and so will Sunday.   It is the cycle of life.

Today is Good Friday and tomorrow will be Saturday. For some, your Saturday season of waiting has lasted too long.  Please know that your Sunday is closer than you think. There may be theological debates as to what Jesus actually did on Saturday, but one thing we know for sure—everything was settled on the cross!  Our pain, our despair, our confusion, our question, our everything was all settled on the cross.  We may not sometimes see it or immediately feel it (just as Mary and the disciples could not see Jesus or immediately feel his presence) but it does not negate the fact that Jesus is here, alive, and victor over all things.  Sunday was just the manifestation of what already occurred on Friday. Sunday was just the manifestation of the promise that already occurred before the beginning of time.

The moral of this story: It may feel like a Saturday moment, but the answer, the promise, the resolve has already happened.  Just wait for the manifestation. Trust in the fact that Jesus never did leave nor forsake you.  If anything, imagine that it is your surprise party and like the silence before  the “Surprise!”  Jesus is hiding behind the door ready to jump out. The party has been set. The people are in place. All that is needed is you and your willingness to walk through the unknowingness.  Enjoy Good Friday, celebrate Resurrection Sunday but do not forget to embrace Saturday—the day of anticipation for the manifestation.


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Mom, wife, mother of three, lover of God and all things related. I am a freelance writer and museum professional by trade and heart who does not separate faith from work. I am a graduate of Syracuse University, The George Washington University, and Wesley Theological Seminary (M.Div. and D.Min.).
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